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About Deborah

Deborah Lemon is an Ohlone College tenured faculty member, Tech Chair, and Renegade Gaming Esports Advisor. She designs and teaches online/hybrid language courses built exclusively in social media platforms (Tribe 2005-2010 and Facebook 2010-current) incorporating a tiered F2F/hybrid/online format. She organizes and leads trans-disciplinary transmedia course projects. She designs and facilitates Building Online Community with Social Media for the California @One project. Deborah has been interviewed regarding her work with “paradigm-dodging”; gaming; AR & VR for Learning Environments, and the future of Independent, Online, and Higher Education. The NSF invited and sponsored her to speak at the 2013 Radical Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

Deborah also taught dance and performed in an award-winning dance troupe and duet. Prior to teaching, Deborah worked in defense industry in HR/PR and Systems Administration. In her free time, she tinkers with stuff, reads, trains her dog to play creatively, makes crepes, and enjoys A/B testing.

"If there is a beta out there, I'm all over it"

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